"Down to earth solutions for your complex projects."

Company Profile
Earth Engineering, Inc. was incorporated in 1996 in the State of Texas to provide geotechnical, environmental engineering, and construction material testing services.

Earth Engineering, Inc. was established to be an innovative leader in design and recommendations of cost-effective foundation systems to support commercial, industrial, infrastructure and residential structures in challenging soil conditions.

Earth Engineering, Inc. selects the most reliable and cost-effective foundation systems for your projects. The foundation selection is based on a hands-on approach to problem solving and an knowledge of the theory behind the formulas used to design the foundation of any structure.
Earth Engineering, Inc. monitors your project during construction from the ground up. Experienced technicians and materials construction engineers will monitor soil compaction, concrete quality, foundation installation, steel inspection, pavement placement and rebar inspection.

Earth Engineering, Inc. can perform a phase I environmental site assessment (ESA), wetland delineation study and if necessary a phase II environmental site assessment (ESA) on the property.

Earth Engineering, Inc. maintains staff qualified to perform all aspects of geotechnical and construction materials testing services. These individuals play a
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