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Services - Construction Materials Testing
-Traxial Testing of Soils and Base   Materials
-Anchor Bolt Pull Out Testing
-Structural Steel Inspection
-Post Tension and Pre-Stress Inspection
-Non-Destructive Concrete Testing
-Concrete Mix Design
-Asphalt Mix Design
-Pier and Pile   Inspection
-FHA - Home Owner's Warranty   Inspection
-Pre-Placement Concrete Reinforcement   and Form Inspection of Bridges and   Multi-story Structures
-Coating Thickness Inspections
-Statistical Analysis of Concrete Strength   Results
-Masonry Inspection and Testing
-Pavement Overlay
-Tensile Strength Testing of Reinforcing   Steel and Rope
-Flexural Strength Testing of Wooden   Beams
-Site Survey and Cross-sections
-Deflection of Bridge Beams Span   Measurements
-Light-weight Concrete Testing
-Sprayed Fine Resistant Materials Testing
-Built-up Roof Inspections
-Membrane Roof Inspections
-Annular Grout Testing and Inspection
-Lime Injection Inspection
-Sewer Liner "Spark" Testing