"Down to earth solutions for your complex projects."

Earth Engineering, Inc. was established to be an innovative leader in design and recommendations for cost-effective foundation systems to support commercial, industrial, infrastructure and residential structures in challenging soil conditions.

With a shallow groundwater table, the presence of compressible and expansive clays, and dispersive soils, the Texas Gulf Coast area poses challenges for geotechnical and structural engineers, architects, developers, builders, contractors, and construction experts. Earth Engineering understands these challenges and looks forward to working on these types of projects. We select the most reliable and cost-effective foundation system for your project based on a hands- on approach to
problem solving and an intimate knowledge of the theory behind the formulas used to design the foundation of any structure. Once the project is underway, call on Earth Engineering to monitor your project construction from the ground up. Experienced technicians and materials construction engineers will monitor soil compaction, concrete quality, foundation installation, steel inspection, pavement placement, and rebar inspection.

Before investing in a land deal or buying an existing building, let Earth Engineering perform a phase I site assessment, wet land delineation study and if necessary a phase II site assessment. Earth Engineering will help you make the right investment.